​5 Top Shower Ideas for 2022

​5 Top Shower Ideas for 2022

17th Jan 2022

Thinking of upgrading your bathroom this new year? Rather than a full revamp, consider a simple shower upgrade. Picking the right shower can do wonders for your bathroom’s aesthetic! Here are our top picks for easily installed showers in 2022.

Concealed shower

More and more homeowners are opting for a concealed shower when renovating their bathrooms. An exposed shower is when the valve of the shower is mounted on the tiles and is in view, whereas a concealed shower places the valve and any pipework beneath the tiles where it is not seen.

This style is favoured as it give a sleek, clean-finished look to your shower area. Concealed showers are the perfect choice for a bathroom with a minimalist aesthetic, and anyone that wants to create straight edges and reduce clutter.

Bathrooms Direct have a wide range of concealed showers to choose from, something to suit everyone’s taste!

Exposed shower

While concealed showers are favourable, exposed showers have their advantages too!

The main draw of exposed shower systems is how easy (and cheap!) they are to install. Since the shower system is installed on top of the wall, the installation process is less complicated hence cheaper and quicker.

Another advantage to an exposed shower is the accessibility they bring. They can be easily installed on a range of walls, including tile and brick.

The wall’s depth doesn’t matter either, unlike concealed shower which need a deep wall to allow for wiring and piping.

Check out our range of exposed showers here at Bathrooms Direct!

Wet Room

We predict we’re going to see a lot more wet rooms in 2022 here at Bathrooms Direct! In simple terms, a wet room is a bathroom, except the whole thing's designed to get wet. It’s an open-plan room where the bath is replaced by a shower area with everything within the room all on the same level.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property this year, wet rooms are a great way to start. Considering a wet room? Read our full blog post here on everything you need to know for creating your own!


Enhancing your bathroom or ensuite in 2022 doesn’t have to mean drastic changes and huge price tags. Simple changes can make all the difference, and a new shower can do wonders for your bathroom’s aesthetic!

The Niagra Chrome Rainfall Shower is, in our opinion, the perfect addition for any wet room! The shower head distributes water across a wide surface, emulating a waterfall; adding that desired spa-like feel to your bathroom!

Electric Shower

Don’t fix what ain’t broken! The electric shower is still a firm favourite in Irish households for obvious reasons. Bathrooms Direct have a wide range of electric showers, with added benefits, like the Mira Advance Thermostatic 9.8kW designed for those with limited sight, hearing or dexterity.

All of our electric showers are ergonomic and user-friendly,with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind. Enjoy safer showering with its thermostatic temperature control! View our full range of electric showers online now!