​How to Brighten up a Dark Bathroom

​How to Brighten up a Dark Bathroom

27th Jan 2022

Everyone wants a bathroom that’s warm and inviting, whether it’s your downstairs bathroom that your guests visit, or your main bathroom used by the entire family.

However, the reality is, a lot of bathrooms have access to limited natural light or are without windows. For these cases, we've come up with some tips that can put the spark back into a dull bathroom!

Layered Lighting

Layered Lighting consists of ambient, task and accent lighting, layered together to create more brightness. For ambient lighting, consider at least two ceiling mounted lights, while task lighting can be incorporated into your mirror (e.g.: an LED mirror), while accent lighting can come in the form of LED strip lights within the shelves, below a floating vanity or even around your bath!

Mirrors, Mirrors and More Mirrors!

The right mirror can do wonders when it comes to creating more light in a space. A larger mirror can create the illusion of a bigger space, as well as brightening your bathroom by reflecting the natural light across the room. If you have no natural light source, consider an LED mirror! For a full expert guide on which LED mirror to choose, read our mirror blog post here.


Pick the Right Tiles

If budget allows for the changing of tile, then opt for neutral coloured base tiles and patterned tiles. The preferred colours are white, ivory or beige; but also consider bright coloured highlighter tiles to bring in a vibrant vibe.

Complete the look with neutral coloured wall paint on the balance wall area and use white paint for the ceiling because it reflects a lot of light and looks bright!

Glass Shower Enclosure

A great way to make your bathroom feel more spacious is to create a framed glass shower enclosure. Glass shower enclosures add brightness to the shower area because they allow light to pass through.

The Kildare 1400mm Wet Panel from Bathrooms Direct is a stunning option to fulfil this need. The Kildare Wet Panel is aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and looks stunning to boot. It looks more like a decorative wall than a shower screen, giving the illusion of more space and light.


Introduce Reflective Surfaces

Reflective and shimmering metallic surfaces are a great way to bounce light around your space and give your bathroom a brighter feel.

Introduce brass or chrome finish sanitary fixtures, light fixtures and mirror frames. You can also consider gloss finish wall tiles which bounce light, add extra brightness and visually expand the bathroom space.