​Complete Guide to Making the Most of Your Small Bathroom

​Complete Guide to Making the Most of Your Small Bathroom

25th Jan 2022

Do you want to maximise your small bathroom space in 2022? Whether you’ve got a compact bathroom under the stairs, a neat ensuite, or are just lacking some extra square footage in your family bathroom, these tips can help you to revamp your wash room into a space you will love!

Find the Right Sized Bathware

Let’s begin with the obvious - finding bath ware that fits your space! In the past, smaller bathware meant sacrificing aesthetics, with pokey toilet seats and measly sinks. Not anymore! Bathrooms Direct have some beautiful options of toilets, basins, and even baths that will easily slot into a smaller space, creating a modern sleek finish.

If you’re cramped for space, consider ditching the sink cabinet and opt for something like our Node Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin.

Optimise Storage Space

Think “up” not “out” when it comes to storage solutions for small bathrooms! Utilise space already being used, like wall cubbies in your shower, a shelf over your toilet and multiple hooks for your towels!

If you have a little more space for a small vanity cabinet, check out the Lansdown 430 Cloakroom Unit. At 400mm in width and 860mm in height, it’s the perfect neat storage solution for your bathroom essentials.

Utilise Floor Tiles

You may be wondering what do tiles have to do with providing more room, but actually, the right pattern and the right sized tile can give the illusion of more floor space. Equally, the wrong tile will make your space look smaller.

Believe it or not, but the smaller the tile, the more cramped your room will look. Smaller tiles means more grouting and more lines, leading to a messy look. For a smaller bathroom, opt for larger tiles to limit the clutter. Check out our full range of tiles here on Bathrooms Direct.

Pick the Right Colours

Your colour scheme can a long way in making the most of your small bathroom! Light and bright colours work best -and this doesn’t just limit you to white! Use airy tones of blue, green, yellow or pink to bring in some character.

It’s also a good idea to blend this in with your tiles and keep the same paint colour across all walls. You can always add a few pops of colour with accessories and plants to liven it up a bit!