How To Add A Touch of Luxury To Your Bathroom

How To Add A Touch of Luxury To Your Bathroom

16th Feb 2022

There’s one thing that all bathrooms should have in common, and that’s their ability to make us feel good! Your bathroom should be inviting, a welcome sight at the end of a long day; a tranquil space for self-care and relaxation!

We all would love a touch of luxury in our bathrooms, but sometimes budget does not allow for extravagant additions. Read out few key tips for adding some luxury, that won’t break the bank!

Invest in One Extravagant Piece


Whatever your budget, you don’t actually have to spend a small fortune to afford luxury! Our top tip is to invest in one good piece of bathroom furniture, for example your bath.

Freestanding tubs epitomise luxury and elegance, giving an expensive, contemporary feel to a bathroom.

Our Monacco Freestanding Bath is an ideal tub for those looking to maximise space without sacrificing design. Its beautiful, sleek lines and stunning curves makes it the perfect piece for any bathroom. Its design is perfect to match your shape and posture, allowing for a more enjoyable and luxurious soak with every bath (1655 mm x 750 mm).

Add Some Greenery

Adding greenery to your bathroom is a great way to add touch of luxury. Orchids, aloe vera, and Boston ferns are great examples of plants that work well in humidity. Remember to remove the brown container the plant comes in and decorate your plants with the addition of a luxurious looking pot.

The Right Mirror


Knowing how to style the walls of your bathroom can be a challenge. Why not turn a bathroom essential into a stunning piece of art?

Every bathroom needs a mirror, so why not opt for one that stands out and add to the aesthetic. LED mirrors are back-lit, offering a contemporary feel to your bathroom. We also carry LED mirrors complete with demisters, bluetooth and sockets, to add that extra bit of extravagance and practicality to your bathroom!

Shower Yourself with Luxury


NOTHING says luxury like a waterfall shower head! Simple changes can make all the difference, and a new shower head can do wonders for your bathroom’s aesthetic!

Our Nile Chrome Round Wall Shower Kit allows you to fine-tune your shower experience to your preference with its two control handles, controlling flow, water pressure and water temperature.

The flow of water can be adjusted from a gentle shower rainfall to a drenching pour. The only downfall is, your shower might form a long queue of family members!

Light It Up


Good lighting for a luxurious bathroom is essential, and not just because it’ll make your morning routine easier! The style of lighting you choose can change the entire atmosphere in your bathroom. A soft light that isn’t too harsh on the eyes is perfect for unwinding, and will add a hint of luxury to your space.

The Little Details

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank! Upgrading small details like knobs, towel rails, robe hooks, etc. can up-level your space and take relatively no time at all to install! Check out our full range of accessories online now.