​The Ultimate Guide To Shower-Baths

​The Ultimate Guide To Shower-Baths

18th Feb 2022

A lot of us are limited when it comes to bathroom space, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit our options! If you can’t fit both a bath and shower separately, consider a combined shower-bath. Not only is it a practical option, but these days they can be contemporary and sleek looking, giving you the best of both worlds!

What Is A Shower-Bath?

A shower-bath is essentially a shower head mounted over the top of a bath. Thanks to their ever-growing popularity, there are numerous sizes, shapes, and styles. The three main styles of single shower-over-bath units are L-shaped bath, straight bath, and the free-standing bath.

L-Shaped Bath

An L-shaped shower-bath combo features additional arm room at the showering end and an angular bathing section at the other. L-shaped units are well-suited to a modern bathroom decor because of their contemporary aesthetic and geometric contours.

Our Liverpool L Shaped Bath is a classic yet statement piece to add to any bathroom. This is an ideal choice for individuals or families that do not have a lot of bathroom space, or if they have a small bathroom. Its functionality along with its modern design makes it the perfect bath kit.

Straight Fit Bath

If you are tight for space, consider opting for our Malta Bath rather than an L-shaped tub. This bath is a stunning, stylish, and functional statement to any bathroom. Made from the highest quality materials, you will definitely be making an investment that will last you with the Malta!

Free-Standing Bath

If you are blessed with a little more room in your layout, then there is no better centrepiece to your bathroom than a free-standing bath. Having a free-standing bath-shower requires a little extra planning, taking into consideration how to contain your water splash and where to install your shower head.

Our Geneva Freestanding Bath has a beautiful double ended design, offering the versatility to share the tub with a loved one or enjoy more space to bath the children, both form and function combined!

Avoiding Splashes

Splashes can be the one downfall of a shower-bath combo. Luckily there are some easily solutions. Take for example, installing a curved rail on the ceiling above the free-standing bath where you can then hang shower curtains to contain the water.

For a modern look with an L-shaped bath, opt for a glass screen, either fixed or on hinges. We personally recommend a fixed screen, as they are less space-consuming and are less likely to let water seep through to your floor.

Enhancing Your Shower Bath

We have a few top tips on getting the most out of your new shower-bath combo! Firstly, consider installing a shower cubby, i.e.: a recessed shelf in the wall, to help store razors, shampoos, loofahs, etc. This will keep things neat, and stop items rolling around your bathtub!

We also suggest investing in a grip mat to stick to the bath when you’re showering as this will reduce the risk of slipping when standing in your bath!

And finally, keep a shower squeegee on hand in the bathroom to wipe down your glass screen after your shower. This will help prevent build-up of mould and shower residue, keeping the glass sparkling and aesthetically pleasing!