​Top Tips on Picking Your Bathroom Mirror

​Top Tips on Picking Your Bathroom Mirror

12th Jan 2022

Top Tips on Picking Your Bathroom Mirror

Never under-estimate the impact a good mirror can make in your bathroom! The right mirror in the right place can help to reflect the available light to make the room look bigger, brighter and more welcoming.

Plus, updating your mirror is an easy and affordable way to spruce up your bathroom without splurging on a costly bathroom remodel! We’ve created a guide to answering all of your questions about bathroom mirrors.

Picking your Mirror

Our mirrors at Bathrooms Direct come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs to suit all bathroom preferences. We have LED mirrors, demisting mirrors, mirrors with bluetooth , mirrored cabinets and more! Read our full guide on picking the perfect mirror for you now!

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It may sound like an obvious one, but think logically about where your mirror is going to hang. LED mirrors are mains-operated, so be careful to keep the cables away from water splashes. Make sure and check that there are no pipes or electrical cables behind the section of wall where your mirror will be hung.

How High To Hang Your Mirror?

There is no standard rule for how high to hang a bathroom mirror.

How high you hang your bathroom mirror depends on a number of factors: the size and shape of the mirror, the height of your bathroom vanity, the height of your ceiling, and the heights of all the users.

While there are no exact rules to follow, we generally like to hang the mirror so that it is eye-level for most users (tiny-tots excluded!), hang roughly 10 inches above your sink and about 5-6 feet from your floor.

Bathroom Mirror Width

Choosing a bathroom mirror that is the correct width for your vanity is vital, as a mirror out of proportion will through the entire bathroom look out of balance. We all love a giant mirror, but will it dwarf the rest of your bath ware if it’s too big for the space?

Find a mirror that is about 70-80% as wide as your vanity. This will avoid everything looking too boxy, but will also avoid making the mirror look shrunken. Circular mirrors are a great way to bring a softness into your bathroom, while rectangular mirrors have a more classic look to them.

How Many Mirrors?

If you have a bathroom that includes a wide vanity, especially one with two or more sinks, you might consider hanging to smaller mirrors rather than one large one. We love the look of two vertical mirrors side by side, giving the illusion of higher ceilings.